Interesting about billiards

The length of the cue - 142.5 centimeters.

Billiards ranks seventh among all kinds of sports in the USA.

Russian billiards was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Billiard club from Samara was recognized as the largest in Europe and The biggest among the clubs with the Russian zone. On an area of ​​2000 square meters are located 56 Russian tables and 26 Pulow.

Billiards is derived from games with a stick and layers in the open air and is to some extent related to golf and croquet therefore In tribute to tradition, cloth on most billiard tables is green, as is the color of the grass.

Among champions in all sports, the age of champions in billiards is the biggest - an average of 35.6 years

The first female world champion in billiards was an American, Francis Andreson, who actually turned out to be a man named Pasha. True, this fact was revealed only after the death of "Miss."