Interesting facts about bowling

   Most of us are used to bowling as one of the modern and trendy entertainment, but in reality bowling is a game that came to us from time immemorial and has its own interesting history. The first historical references in English written sources about bowling date back to the 12th century. This game is in England
was so popular that even interfered with the military training of English soldiers! That is why in 1366 the king put a taboo on this entertainment.

   Bowling has a number of varieties that have arisen in medieval Europe, and this game got into the New World from Holland and was called "Dutch skittles." Bowlig became so popular in America that it turned into gambling game with cash bets.

   Therefore, in some states, this game is officially banned. Do you think it stopped enterprising Americans? Since the game was banned with nine skittles, they just added another one and continued to play calmly! It is under these conditions that this game gets its present name “bowling”.